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We are passionate about posture, alignment and spinal therapy and our physio Millie is the only Tasmanian certified in Schroth Therapy for scoliosis. We draw on clinical pilates to tailor your rehabilitation plan. In recent years Millie has been privileged to work within a leading-edge multidisciplinary team at the Tasmanian Spine Service.


From acute ACL injuries to repetitive shoulder strains, our physiotherapists will have you covered. Sports injuries are a common presentation in private practice physiotherapy and there is a clear pathway of assessment, clinical testing and palpation to diagnose your condition and devise an appropriate rehabilitation plan. 


Throughout our lives, we can optimise our function, improve pain and minimise unnecessary wear and tear on the body through manual therapies and exercise rehabilitation.  Common postural and movement patterns develop that cause additional strain on tissues and joints and these can be easily identified and addressed. Book your appointment to learn about how optimising your body throughout movement and everyday activities.


Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine usually involving sideways curvatures, rotation and a change in the side profile of the spine. This makes it a complex, 3-dimensional condition. It is often a progressional condition that can require XRAY monitoring and, at times, bracing or surgery.  Specialised physical therapy can improve symptoms, slow progression and at times prevent the need for surgical intervention. 

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